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The world has experienced one of the worst pandemics in decades which has pushed a number of economies to the breaking point. The slowing of the economies has greatly affected the implementation of many infrastructures leaving the construction sector in a very terrible state. The government finds it hard to pay its bills which makes it harder for the players in the private sector.

In addition to affecting the economies, the pandemic has claimed many lives including our Managing Director (Eng. Kalema Enoch) who had served the company in that position for two years. In his tenure as the MD, He initiated many improvements in the company that saw it grow in all fields of operations. Amidist all these problems, Continuum has continued to implement its obligation of being a genuine partner in search for value for money.

The company has implemented a number projects in various parts of the country some of which hard to reach given the restrictions on movements imposed by government to curb the spread of Covid-19. We thank the employees for the resilience and care taken to continue offering their valuable services to the company. Continuum employees over 300 people in various professionals including Civil engineering, Electrical engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Land surveying, Quantity surveying and others. Continuum is the leading indigenous EPC contractors in Uganda. Continuum’s agenda for 2022 is to improve service delivery in terms of cost, quality, and time to our clients in contributing to the built environment.

Godfrey Hatejeka

Managing director

June 2021 to Date


Twinomujuni Willbroad


Previous Managing Directors



As a company that is re-writing the future through engineering; providing fast-track services alongside operating sustainability is central to our mission. Additionally, with timely completion being every Client’s desire in this fast-paced world, we at Continuum ensure that our dedicated and untiring team of workers and staff has the skills to innovate and meet our Clients’ needs. Lastly, and in response to the Government’s call for job creation and employment, Continuum directly employs over 300 Ugandans in different fields and capacities of which more than 70% are youths. Indirectly we provide employment to more than 150 Ugandans.

Enock Kalema

MD 2016-jUNE 2021


Continuum Engineering Ltd strives to be an all round engineering firm by providing its Clients with superior quality of customer satisfaction, intuitive scheduling, scientific innovation, sustainable solutions, competitive pricing and superior product delivery. Its success is measured by team performance, strategic growth and excellence, all of which enable the company to continue building an unparalleled reputation for perfection. Our dedicated project team have enhanced their areas of specialty through experience on dynamic projects of complex scope, with international standards. 

Gabiro Isaac

MD 2003-jUNE 2016

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